The Morning After - Zinfandel Barrel Aged Coffee with Kenyan Beans

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It’s time for a little hair of the dog, with the kick of coffee and the aroma of wine. This Zinfandel-aged barrel coffee blends the tart and fruity flavors of black currant with the spicy tones of Zinfandel, imparting the nose and fragrance of the wine into the roast for a delicious and rich taste. Guaranteed to help you bounce back, this transition coffee is the pick-me-up you need in the morning.

This is a limited release offering and makes a great gift 

The Facts: Single origin Kieni Kenya AA that has been conditioned in a Zinfandel wine cask to combine the perfect Kenyan black current and fruity flavors with the Zinfandel wine tones of rich berries and spice all tempered in the oak barrel for a one of a kind coffee experience.  This is a limited release offeringKETO Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegan

Our Tribe Coffee is roasted to order to guarantee freshness when it arrives to your door. We currently roast and ship 3 times a week, and delivery is never (well hardly ever) more than 7 days.